OPTIM awarded funding from EU Horizon 2020 Program to initiate it’s Industry 4.0 Conversion.

TAPintoSmart EU funding Optim has been awarded a grant from the EU HORIZON 2020 program under the name "TAPintoSmart" - Transform Analog Production machines into Smart factory. In a highly competitive international market on wafers, Optim, a SME, has initiated its IOT conversion for 4 years and identified the next bottle neck: polishing manufacturing lines in reclaim wafers (reuse of test wafer for a defined customer). They designed this step with Alprobotic, another SME, specialized in robotics and new manufacturing lines in clean rooms to improve their competitiveness. All activities will be technically supervised by Cetim, a RTO. This 12-month project objective is to set up a demonstrator assessing the achievable conversion of one existing human-powered polishing line for “reclaim wafers” into robotic polishing lines, supervised by more qualified employees. Tap into Smart TAPintosmart

Specific objectives for the project:

  • Demonstrate the feasibility of the conversion from a traditional man-powered manufacturing into a smart factory in clean rooms by setting up the first show-room in this field
  • Develop two demonstrators of IoT equipped polishing machines in clean rooms, one for rough polishing and the second one for fine polishing: (reduce the cycle time)
  • Redesign human-machine interactions using IoT technologies and develop artificial intelligence supporting inter-machines connection/communication for the polishing line activities: to improve EU competitiveness of polishing activities on the worldwide market and convert the existing highly man-made hard work into smart polishing factory
  • Promote the applicability for an SME to convert successfully a man-powered manufacturing line into a smart manufacturing line with clean rooms at industrial, economic and social levels. (Prevent MSD (Musculo-skeletal disorders), improve recruitment attractiveness…)