SOI Wafer Processing

Using a combination of grinding, CMP and edge trimming, Optim is able to offer to modify  SOI wafers.

SOI Processing Examples

  • We worked with a customer who bonded his own 150mm wafers with a specific active layer. Optim then thinned, polished and edge trimmed the device wafer to the customer’s specifications.
  • Other customers require the removal of the handle wafer post bonding and stopping on the Box layer. We have done this on 100mm and 200mm SOI bonded to Glass & Silicon handle wafers.
  • We have resized a 200mm SOI to 100mm or 150mm, including edge trimming and rounding.

Whichever SOI wafer processing service is used, Optim is able to clean the wafers to Semi Standard levels to allow further fabrication steps in a wafer fab.

Our Other Wafer Processing Services