Below are some testimonials from a selection of customers using OPTIM’s various services. The names of the companies or organisations have been withheld. Though we might be able to share some of these names during the course of any discussions, subject to any NDA restrictions.

We are one of the leading Universities in the southern hemisphere. We reached out to Optim Wafer Services to thin individual Si wafers to ~60 microns in the scope of our current research project. Due to the nature of our project, we required small quantities of wafers with well-defined thicknesses, and Optim Wafer Services was very flexible to address our requirements. Their service is excellent, with fantastic communication and a swift lead time. The thinned wafers exceeded our expectations and we will definitely work with Optim Wafer Services again.

We are a major technology company one of the TOP 10 companies of the S&P 500 index.

Working with Optim Wafer Services has been a good choice for our R&D project: for rapid prototyping we needed 200mm wafer resizing which Optim was able to provide us. The process quality has repeatedly fulfilled all our requirements and the tight schedules have been met. For these reasons we would recommend using Optim Wafer Services.

Our cooperation with Optim Wafer Services started 2011 when we were looking for a high-quality 150 mm Si wafer polishing service for our scientific grade radiation sensors based on fully depleted MOS transistors.

Our products are used in high-energy collider experiments, x-ray satellites and ground based spectroscopic detection of ionizing radiation. The performance of our devices depends strongly on the surface quality of the double-side polished wafers.

For certain applications, we are also using BSOI wafers for which Optim Wafer Services provides the thinning of the device wafer and the edge definition for pre-bonded wafers.

Since the start of the cooperation we appreciate the professional support and the flexibility of Optim.

We required die thinning services on already singulated die to be able to fit TQFP or QFN packages., something that is normally impossible. After an internet search, we found that Optim Wafer Services offered a service solution and we proceeded with the first order.

We found working with Optim that the service was prompt and the quality excellent. We will certainly use their services again when the need arises.

Our team works within a leading European research organisation on several innovative silicon-sensor development projects.

For many years Optim Wafer Services has been our partner for precision grinding and dicing of standard and MPW wafers.

Our most recent project concerned the thinning of individual sensor dies to 40 micron.

As always we were impressed by the high quality of the processing, the exceedingly fast delivery time and the excellent communication in all phases of the project.

In mid-2019, the Fraunhofer EMFT had reached the industrialisation phase of a micropump device that could be used in medical or industrial applications. The process to produce this micropump had been originally developed by the Fraunhofer EMFT.

We carefully selected industrial partners that were capable of producing this product in a more efficient and industrial scale.

As part of that industrialisation we selected Optim Wafer Services to perform the specific grind, CMP & cleaning step that occurred mid-way through the fabrication steps.

Pre Grind & CMP

Pre wafer ginding and CMP

Post Grind CMP

Post Wafer grind and CMP

We found Optim to be highly competent and efficient, though a small team they came with a good level of technical knowledge and experience. The initial results were highly encouraging and we found their approach to be flexible and open. Even though the project is not yet completed, we are confident in their abilities to complete the qualification to our standards.