200mm Polishing Line Automation Project

In early 2022, Optim commissioned the manufacture and installation of robots that will be able to load and unload the wafer polishing systems in its reclaim line. This project once complete will give OPTIM increased 200mm capacity. The robots and the software were developed in 2020-21 as part of the previous TAPinto smart joint development project. This project is partly funded by the French government as part of Recovery Plan named : “Plan de Relance”. Installation of the first line is planned for late 2022 and completion of the whole line in 2023.

Stage 1 of 4 is now complete and commissioned.
OPTIM has installed both the robot and the carrier handling system to allow upto 5 polishers to be loaded and unloaded automatically.

Stages 2 to 4 will be completed by Q1 2023.

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