2020 Year to Date Update


Optim Wafer Services was designated an essential business at the start of the pandemic and has continued to operate successfully over the course of 2020 despite the various restrictions imposed by the French government to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

We operate in a safe way to protect our staff, with mandatory mask wearing throughout the plant including the office areas, enhanced cleaning regimes and observe strict social distancing and hand cleansing protocols.

It is a credit to our customers and staff that we have continued to operate without interruption during what continues to be very challenging times.

The wafer processing business also continues to grow, with many new customers in 2020 bringing some technically challenging projects that are currently being worked on.


TAPintoSmart - Optim has recently completed the development of a joint EU funded, Industry 4.0 project called “TAPintoSmart”. Where, working with partners a demonstrator robot system was designed, built & tested that will automate the wafer handling in the polishing line.

In 2021, Optim plans to install an automatic CMP tool, that will enhance our CMP capability, to be able to offer improved Silicon, Poly and Oxide CMP services and will also allow us to develop new business by offering Metal CMP and planarisation services such as Tungsten & Aluminium CMP.