Optim News 2022

2021 Summary

Optim Wafer Services recorded the highest level of turnover ever in 2021. This growth was largely driven by increased activity in our “Specific Product” business, where OPTIM offers grinding, dicing, polishing, re-sizing, Taiko grinding and DBG services to the industry. Wafer Reclaim demand remains very high from all customers, a situation that has been the norm now since Q4 2020. Optim are continuing to see strong demand for both wafer reclaim and wafer processing services despite the challenging issues created by the COVID pandemic. Optim are forecasting no reduction in the demand for either parts of its business for at least the first half of 2022.

Automated Slurry Dispense

In partnership with a major customer, OPTIM has installed an automated slurry system that will mix, dose and dispense the specific slurry chemistry required for this customers wafers. Commissioning takes place in Q1 2022 and is planned in full production in the same time frame.

CMP Tool Installation

In late 2021 OPTIM began the installation of an automatic ALPSITEC MECAPOL E550 CMP tool. This tool will enhance our CMP capability, to be able to offer improved Silicon, Poly silicon, Oxide and eventually metal CMP services on materials such as Tungsten & or Aluminium. Commissioning is planned in the first half 2022.