Wafer Bonding Services

Optim Wafer Services can now offer wafer bonding services through it’s continued association with the Micropacks platform, recently an EVG 501 Bonding system was installed. The details of which are set out below.

Universal bond chamber control unit

  • Manual load and unload of bond chucks and wafers
  • Ergonomically accessible chamber design with top loading
  • Full process and recipe compatibility to EVG production bonding systems
  • Handling tool for unloading of hot bond tools .

Bond module EVG501 with 200mm heaters

  • Bond chuck for 150 & 200 mm wafers
  • 2 types of pressure disks: titanium and quartz
  • Standard bond chamber with top and bottom side heaters
  • Up to 450 °C and 10 kN (790 lbf)
  • Atmospheric capabilities
    • Down to 2 mbar abs. pressure with a roughing pump
    • Down to 10-3 mbar with a turbo molecular pump
  • Independent temperature controllers for top and bottom side
  • Electronic pressure regulator for controlled contact force

Anodic Bonding package

  • Bond monitor for continuous display of bond parameters
  • High resolution display of the bond current
  • Resolution 20 μA.
  • High voltage power supply 2000 V/50 mA
  • Wait command for current value and/or charge
  • Adjustment of current via software, integrated in existing software

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