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Investment announcement

The wafer thinning/grinding program has expanded rapidly in the last two years to the point where Rockwood has identified the need to increase both capacity & return times to meet that demand.

Date: 14th September 2011

Rockwood joined the OPTIM Project

Rockwood joined the OPTIM” Project – A 2.9 M€ R&D project managed by Rockwood.

Date: 1st September 2011

The new wafer processing line investment announced last year has now been completed, on time and on budget

This line includes the purchase and installation of a DISCO DAG840 – Automatic cassette to cassette grinder with two grinding heads, 100mm - 200mm capable, DI Rinse head, Tape & De-Tape Systems with UV activation and an Optical Metrology system.

Date: 16th August 2011

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