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Rockwood at "Be Flexible" Forum

Rockwood made a presentation at recent "Be Flexible" forum hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute EMFT in Munich held in late November.

Date: 28th December 2012

Ultra Thin Dice Before Grinding

Rockwood has recently demonstrated it's ability to process ultra thin wafers.

Date: 27th June 2012

Rockwood Wafer Reclaim demonstrates capabilities for wafer edge trimming

Removing or, shaping the edge of a wafer is becoming mandatory for some specific applications. For example, a wafer is thinned as part of the process flow and still facing further processing steps.

Date: 6th February 2012

Rockwood announces enhanced metrology capabilities through their involvement in the Micropacks platform located in Gardanne.

The platform has recently bought a FOGAL Nanotech 3D Dual system, which will enhance our ability to measure transparent substrates such as Sapphire or quartz wafers or control critical parameters when processing bonded substrates that require thinning and or edge trimming services. i.e.

Date: 6th February 2012

The new wafer Grinding & CMP line is now certified

Rockwood can announce that following a recent audit of it’s facilities and systems, that the new Wafer Grinding & CMP line is now certified to the ISO 9001 V2008, ISO 14001 V2004 and OHSAS 18001 V2007 standards alongside the wafer reclaim production facilities.

Date: 7th October 2011

Rockwood announces the addition of wafer dicing capabilities to it’s wafer processing portfolio of services

As part of the Micropacks platform based at the university of Gardanne Rockwood has access to a DISCO DFD6361 Automatic Dicing Saw, capable of processing 100mm to 300mm wafers.

Date: 16th September 2011

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